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Dangit! The Man Is Always Stopping A Good Time

This guy is my new hero.

Movie And TV Show Streets Are Not Safe For Pedestrians

Not safe at all.

100 Ways To Attack The Groin

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Isaac & Doris…

I love The Onion.

Just What Type Of Seeds Are They Using To Grow These Things?

This May Be The Most Disorderly Court In America

And amazingly this judge, after beating up a public defender and just being an all around unprofessional jerkwad, faces no charges of any kind. Good old Florida…the state never fails to live down to lowered expectations.

John Oliver Breaks Down The FCC’s Attack On Net Neutrality

His completely unjustified attack on Caillou aside, Oliver nails the issue facing Net Neutrality and shines a spotlight on the asshats in the telecom industry and our own government who are determined to basically ruin the Internet. So if you are feeling inclined (and can get the shitty FCC site to load) drop a comment and let the FCC know that Net Neutrality needs to be protected.

Well This Is Something You Don’t See Every Day

I guess goats are the new must have accessory.

Exercise Is The Devil

I think I laughed the hardest from 1:25 to 1:40.

Snoop Dogg & Seth Rogen Discuss Game of Thrones

Snoop’s English accent and the way he kept saying Petyr Baelish’s name just killed me.