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Boots And Pants And Boots And Pants

With what is being very cruelly dubbed the “Worst Local Commercial Ever” from far too many unenlightened online denizens, the East Hills Mall has instead produced the ear wormiest line from any song in 2014. Watch the vid and try to keep yourself from singing “boots and pants” over and over again.

Man Spots Bigfoot In The Woods, Bigfoot Throws Rock At Him

It was a pretty emotional encounter I guess since the guy seems ready to break down in tears during his recap. And Bigfoot is a douche.

I Have The Most Juvenile Sense Of Humor

Because this video of a hippo epically sharting makes me laugh like an idiot every time I watch it.

Every Samuel L. Jackson Motherf*cker In One Glorious Video

No one lets loose with the profanity quite like Samuel L. Jackson and one of his favorite (and best delivered) expletives is “motherfucker”. So this supercut of every utterance Mr. Jackson has had of the word in his movie career is a thing of foul mouthed beauty.
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The Food Network Needs To Give Auntie Fee A Show

Auntie Fee is the viral cooking sensation that is sweeping the nation! From her exhuberant endorsement of the wonders of dried parsley (“This motherfucker make any motherfucking thing taste good!”) to her self-assessment of the deliciosness of her chicken wings (“It will fall off the motherfuckiin’ bone! I swear this shit will!”) to her love of cooking for children (“It’s just something sweet for the fucking kids”)…the woman is a national treasure just waiting to be discovered by the masses. Ever since Paula Deen’s fall from grace we have needed someone who knows her way around a stick of butter on The Food Network and Auntie Fee is that person. Click the jump to see her at work in the kitchen and prepare to be dazzled.

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Dangit! The Man Is Always Stopping A Good Time

This guy is my new hero.

Movie And TV Show Streets Are Not Safe For Pedestrians

Not safe at all.

100 Ways To Attack The Groin

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Isaac & Doris…

I love The Onion.

Just What Type Of Seeds Are They Using To Grow These Things?