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This Makes Me Feel So Old

Damn whippersnappers and their newfangled technology!!!!oldgrouch

I Am Assuming This Was Ozone’s Funeral

Don't fret...the real Ozone is alive and well and directing music videos in L.A.

Don’t fret…the real Ozone is alive and well and directing music videos in L.A.

Because there is really no other explanation for all of the poppin’ and lockin’ that went on during this funeral other than it being the proceedings for the star of the 1984 breakdancing epic BREAKIN’.¬†Otherwise this would have just been a bunch of folks who thought it was a good idea to go all body rock to a Missy Elliott song in front of an occupied casket. Check out the jankiness after the jump!

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Karma Is Real

Hopefully the guy wasn’t hurt but he really deserved that wreck for being a colossal douchebag.

Reason #349 Why I Hate Public Transportation

They Take Musical Chairs Very Seriously At The Rodeo

She hit that guy like she was a linebacker.

Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

As much I as I agree with the fellow in the video’s sentiment, I am old enough to know that you don’t fool with Mother Nature. And he found that out the hard way. See what I mean after the cut.
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Sid Caesar’s Shape Up!

Sid Caesar

First a little background info on recently deceased comedy legend Isaac Sidney “Sid” Caesar:

Comedian, saxophonist, composer, actor and musician, he performed within the orchestras of Charlie Spivak, Shep Fields and Claude Thornhill as saxophonist. Later, as super-hip jazz musician “Cool Cees” in television skits, he played tenor saxophone, and sang with the satirical trio “The Hair Cuts” (with Carl Reiner and Howard Morris). He sang the lead role in “Little Me” on Broadway. Joining ASCAP in 1955, his popular song compositions include “I Wrote This Song for Your Birthday” and “Was That You?”. (Source)

Quite the storied career, huh? Sid was probably best known for playing Coach Calhoun in the GREASE movies.

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Samuel L. Jackson And Laurence Fishburne Look Nothing Alike

Their names aren’t similar either. So exactly how and why KTLA’s Sam Rubin (the supposed entertainment anchor for the show) got the two actors mixed up is a mystery to me. But on the bright side it did produce this wonderfully uncomfortable video clip of Mr. Jackson refusing to let Rubin’s mistake go and making his interview one of the most awkward in recent memory. Check it out after the jump.

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Russian Reality Shows Are Violent

And the screening process for contestants must be non-existent because these people seem downright homicidal.

Prepare To Smile Like A Loon For The Next 52 Seconds