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Road Rage Mini-Van Mom Does Not Like To Be Cut Off

I think the scariest thing about this vid is that she does all of her insanity with her child right in the front seat. Check out the video after the cut.
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Are You Ready For The Rapture?

Well, if you don’t want to be left behind like the folks of HBO’s THE LEFTOVERS dealing with chain-smoking mute cults and rabid packs of dogs then you’d best get on the good foot and get right with Jesus like Dr. B.L. Gregory, the founder of the True Gospel Miracle Church of God.

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I Love When News Reporters Get Interrupted By Real Life

Apparently there were some hellacious rains that caused flash flood warnings in Memphis earlier in the week and one severely pissed off Memphis resident had quite enough and decided to shanghai a live newscast to address her grievances with Mother Nature and the local municipality.

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Channing Tatum Is A Fool For This One

As part of his continuing promotional efforts for 22 JUMP STREET and (more likely) because the guy is just a giant goofball…he gives the world this hip-hop ditty about the inappropriate greeting craze that is sweeping the nation: The Dick Graze!

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Boots And Pants And Boots And Pants

With what is being very cruelly dubbed the “Worst Local Commercial Ever” from far too many unenlightened online denizens, the East Hills Mall has instead produced the ear wormiest line from any song in 2014. Watch the vid and try to keep yourself from singing “boots and pants” over and over again.

Man Spots Bigfoot In The Woods, Bigfoot Throws Rock At Him

It was a pretty emotional encounter I guess since the guy seems ready to break down in tears during his recap. And Bigfoot is a douche.

I Have The Most Juvenile Sense Of Humor

Because this video of a hippo epically sharting makes me laugh like an idiot every time I watch it.