Trailer of the Day: Piranhaconda


Part fish! Part snake! All killer! In B-movie icon Roger Corman’s latest, a hybrid creature – half piranha and half anaconda — attacks a movie crew on location near her nest when her egg is stolen. Now they must outrun and kill the deadly Piranhaconda as well as stop the mad scientist who stole the egg – before they all become dinner. – Facebook

Ya gotta love the ridiculousness that has been borne out of the partnership between the Syfy Channel and schlockmeister extraordinaire Roger Corman. The latest in the monster mach-up oeuvre is Piranhaconda and it features a stellar cast that includes Michael Madsen (what happened to your career, dude?) and aged supermodel Rachel Hunter.
The guaranteed guilty pleasure airs on June 16.
Can the Piranhacoda vs Sharktopus film be far away? Sharktopus is nonplussed by this new challenger to the throne.


  1. jmount43 · May 20, 2012

    She might be aged but she’s still hot. If I were a Piranhaconda I’d want to eat her, too. Has SyFy ever produced a good movie?


    • Derek · May 21, 2012

      SyFy isn’t in the business of making good movies they are all about the the so bad they are inexplicably good movie making business.


      • jmount43 · May 21, 2012

        I heard that, man!


  2. youjivinmeturkey · May 21, 2012

    As A Highly Loyal SYFY Channel Viewer…
    …I’m Forced To Express GREAT JOY In Hearing About PIRANHACONDA!
    Bring It, I’m Ready!!! hehehe


    • Derek · May 21, 2012

      I have to give Syfy mucho props for continuing to provide such awesome junk food movie goodness.


  3. Kuvam Sama · August 5, 2012

    This is without a doubt among the more interesting blogs I have seen.
    It’s so easy to assume you’ve seen it all,
    but there’s seriously still some great stuff online, and I believe your blog is absolutely one of the few!


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