Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate The Greatness Of Amanda Waller

The SUICIDE SQUAD movie is right around the corner (and I have already bought my tickets!) and even though I have already done a post giving a glimpse into just who the members of The Squad are, the release of an Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) centered trailer got me to thinking about just how great Davis is going to be in the movie. And that got me to thinking about just how great Amanda Waller is as a character.


Man, Davis is going to murder this role and quite possibly end up stealing the whole movie. And the fact that this Waller-centric trailer reveals that The Wall is going to be doing a bit more than scheming from the shadows and we will get to see Davis get to kick some butt. Which brings us to this post where I go into a little detail of the awesomeness of Amanda Waller through the years.

One comment

  1. Arthur · August 17

    Waller canonically gave Granny Goodness more of a fight than all of Olympus.


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