The Walking Dead: Nebraska Review

So THE WALKING DEAD is back to finish up season 2 with new show runner Glenn Mazzara in full control of the goings on of our favorite group of zombie apocalypse survivors. The first half of Season 2 ended with the revelation that poor, little lost Sophia was one of the undead Herschel had living in his barn which led to Rick putting a bullet right in her dead little noggin. “Nebraska” opens immediately after that shooting and the characters are all in shock and dismay with Herschel and Carol (Sophia’s mom) being neck and neck in the running for most crushed survivor on the farm. Herschel eventually runs off to the local juke joint to wet his whistle but not before telling Rick to take his band of merry men and “git off his propertah!!!!”; Carol deals with her grief by wandering through the woods…even her reaction to a major tragedy is reliably dull.

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