The Wayback Machine: Get On the Floor

Wayback Machine
“Get On The Floor” is a song from Michael Jackson’s OFF THE WALL album. A Michael Jackson Song!?!? How can an MJ song be in need of recognition? He’s the King of Pop and whatnot! What’s the dilly, yo?
Well all will be explained, my friends.
Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1979!

Michael Jackson – Get On The Floor (1979)

OFF THE WALL was the album that put Michael on the map, so to speak, as a solo artist. Sure he had the occasional solo hit like “Ben” but it wasn’t until the OFF THE WALL album that Jackson was able to drive a stake through the heart of the Michael Jackson who was only sen as the lead singer of the Jackson 5. Now OFF THE WALL is my own personal pick as the best album Jackson has ever put out, even better than THRILLER (shocking I know). The song a good number of hits and was special at the time because it showcased a sound that was totally different than what anyone had heard from Michael before. Songs like “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough”, “Girlfriend”, “Rock With You”, and “She’s Out of My Life” were giving the world a grown up Michael who was in tune with the sounds and culture of the times. “Get On The Floor” was considered to be on of the albums more dance/disco tracks and seemingly got lost in the shuffle of the success of “Rock With You” and “Got Me Workin’ Day and Night”. Its a shame too because “Get On The Floor” was sufficiently different from the other dance tracks on the album. It was more of a precursor of the type of R&B song that was going to be coming out in the early 80s than it was an example of 70s disco-centric dance.

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