Prometheus Is The Movie I Most Want To See This Year

I have no clue what it is about exactly…is it a prequel to the Alien movies? Is it going to be totally unconnected from the alien franchise? Will it explain who or what that giant astronaut was at the beginning of the original Alien? I don’t know and really don’t care because I have never been this excited for a movie that is a total mystery to me as far as plot goes.

Is that Trailer not the cat’s meow or is it not the cat’s meow? And Noomi Rapace’s anguished scream gives me chills. I just cannot wait for this movie to be in theaters. And as if the minds behind PROMETHEUS were aware that I was hungering for every morsel that they deign to sprinkle out, up pops a viral video featuring Guy Pearce as corporate titan (and evil Steve Jobs) Peter Weyland giving a blustery speech to an audience at some convention that sums up just who and what his character is.

“Year of our Lord 2023”??? In an interview from 2010 Ridley Scott said PROMETHEUS would be set in 2085 (30 years before the original ALIEN took place) so I am even more confused than I was before I watched the video. But again I don’t care! They have even set up a Weyland Industries website to make the viral nature of this marketing complete.

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