Game of Thrones Scene of the Week: Baby Mama Drama

After rutting around like pigs on his enlarged Stratego game board, Stannis and Melisandre’s love child has decided it’s time for him (or her) to make an appearance. And what an appearance it was! Stannis ordered Davod to ferry Melisandre to some caves for an untold reason which annoyed the Onion Knight to no end considering he is not the Red Woman’s biggest fan. But Davos got a lot more than he was expecting when Mel dropped trou, got into birthing position and delivered her shadow baby. This thing was really creepy too…it crawled out of her cookie full grown! I guess every party of Melisandre is magic, even her hoo-hoo.

On the one hand I am psyched at even more magic happenings popping up on the show but on the other hand, this turn of events doesn’t have me feeling too good about Renly’s future.

(This clip is NSFW so all those people who have jobs that frown on exposed boobs being viewed on company time, I suggest you head for the heels)

7 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Scene of the Week: Baby Mama Drama”

    1. It was a major tonal shift from what has come before. But I am stoked…I have been wanting more fantasy stuff to start creeping into the show for a while now.


      1. They have been stringing that particular plotline along for awhile now with very little in the way of scraps being thrown the viewers way.


  1. Yeah that was crazy to watch. I hope this is not some sort of jumping the shark smoke monster…. cause I really like my GOT

    enjoyed checking out your blog


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