Trailer of the Day: The Venture Brothers Season 5


The bizarre animated escapades of pseudo-heroic scientist Dr. Rusty Venture, his competent, high strung bodyguard, and his two over-enthusiastic sons. – IMDb

June 2 at midnight brings the long awaited return of THE VENTURE BROTHERS, the greatest show to ever air on The Cartoon Network. It has felt like a decade since the last time we got new episodes of this show and this almost 5 minute, nearly dialog free video of clips from this new season has me super excited.
For those of you who are not already familair with this amazing show (and honestly you should feel ashamed if you are not already a slavishly devoted fan) or if you just need to refresh your memory in preparation for the upcoming season, here is a very helpful video that gives you a recap of the past 4 seasons in less than 10 minutes:

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