Game of Thrones Season 4 Scene of the Week: Arya Crosses A Name Off Her List


“I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes starring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you will shut forever.”

Those were the words that “The Red Woman” spoke to Arya in their meeting last season and it looks like her darkly ominous reading is coming true because Arya got to scracth a name off of her revenge list in the season premier of GAME OF THRONE’s fourth season and she did it in a decidedly cold and calculated manner.


On their way to The Vale so that The hound could sell Arya to her aunt, the odd couple came across a tavern where Arya spied a familiar face: Polliver, the Lannister soldier who took Arya’s sword, Needle and used it to kill her friend, Lommy. So when she charges into the tavern determined to get her sword back (with The Hound chasing behind) we got a pretty tense confrontation with Polliver trying to convince The Hound to join in with Polliver’s men as they rape and pillage their way back to King’s Landing. The Hound finds it impossible to hide his contempt for Polliver or the king Polliver swears allegiance to and after a round of back and forth insults, The Hound engages Polliver and his crew in battle.


The Hound does what The Hound does best…namely delivering very violent deaths to the majority of Polliver’s men but Polliver and one other are in position to turn the tables on the pre-occupied Hound until Arya joins the fray. She bashes a soldier in the head with a bottle, takes his sword and runs him through with it. Then she turns her attention to Polliver; she cuts his legs rendering him unable to get up and takes back Needle. it is then that we got to see the depths of Arya’s darkness as she recites the same words to Polliver that he said to Lommy before driving Needle into the young boy’s throat. Arya then does the same to Polliver and while watching him choke to death on his own blood, Arya has a total look of satisfaction on her face.

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It was a great scene made all the more chilling by the fact that Maisie Williams was able to convey a very unnerving look of icy malice on her cherubish little face. Arya may be the only Stark being completely willing to descend to the depths of her enemies on this show and I love it. It is so rare to see a Stark not being a victim to some force of evil and if Arya becoming a cold, merciless killer is what we need to get some notches in the win column for the Stark’s then so be it.

4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 4 Scene of the Week: Arya Crosses A Name Off Her List

  1. I agree, I love that scene so much. It speaks volumes of Arya’s character development and the harsh reality of the world she is living in. She used to be so innocent, probably the most innocent of the Stark children, and now she is arguably the most ruthless. The fact that she had a huge smile on her face after running a sword through another man’s throat really highlights how Arya is becoming too sadistic. I would argue that she is becoming psychotic, perhaps enjoying the violence and brutal killing a little too much.


    1. I agree that Arya is heading down the road to becoming psychotic but I think that will probably be the only way she can survive the rough road ahead of her. And the contrast of the cherubic little moppet training with Syrio Forel to the cold-blooded killer she is now is striking.

      Thanks for commenting btw!


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