Best Cosplay of the Day: Kingpin

So I am tooling around the Internet looking at cosplay pics when I land on one that immediately grabbed me in its simplicity and timeliness based on how excited I am for the launching of the Netflix DAREDEVIL series later tonight. What I found was a pitch perfect Kingpin cosplay.

Vincent D'onofrio as Kingpin
                                                                                      Vincent D’onofrio as Kingpin

Now Kingpin might seem like a relatively easy character to cosplay…ya just need to be portly, bald and wear a suit. But if you are not large enough you end up looking like Lex Luthor and if you are too big you look like you are about to die from a heart attack. The key to being a good Kingpin is that you have to be large but also look like you can kick some butt without getting winded after 10 seconds. And the fellow who did this Kingpin cosplay pulled it off pretty darn well:

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