Unsung Heroes of Horror: Cattle Truck Driver

Unsung Heroes of Horror celebrates the lives (and sometimes deaths!) of notable people from horror films that stepped up in the face of daunting obstacles when they really didn’t have to and showed unparalleled bravery while doing so. This week’s hero is the Cattle Truck Driver from 1974’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

He is only known by the nom de guerre “Cattle Truck Driver” despite there seemingly being no cattle in the truck he was driving. I have always referred to him as “Truck Driver Bruh”. But a hero by any other name could only hope to be as brave.

Picture it: It’s 1974 and you are driving in your big rig (awesomely named Black Maria) down a long stretch of Texas back road hauling your unknown cargo and as you come around a bend you are met with a blood soaked young Sally Hardesty being attacked by a razor blade wielding hillbilly who, despite your furious honking of your horn, is so into slicing up this woman that he doesn’t get out of the way of your truck and you end up running him over.

Cattle Truck Driver from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Now that would be traumatic enough…a lone black man in the boonies of Texas with a dead white man and a bloody Sally? That is a recipe for frontier justice that ends with you being lynched out in a field somewhere. But despite probably having those very rational fears our heroic driver stops the truck to check on the injured woman only to then come face to face with a second crazy hillbilly…and this one is wearing a human skin mask and swinging a chainsaw! Did our intrepid hero hop back into is truck and speed off? Did he leave the damsel in her distress while chucking up the deuces? No! He helped the damsel in distress get away from Leatherface and then showed he was a man of action by bonking that maniac in the head with a wrench.

Cattle Truck Driver from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Then a guy in a pick-up truck comes along and rescues the bloody white lady but doesn’t offer the same assistance to Truck Driver Bruh. Oh no, he turns his truck in the completely opposite direction that he was originally driving in and leaves our hero on his own. The last time we see Truck Driver Bruh he is hauling ass as hard as he can down the road. So what happened to him once the credits started rolling?

Cattle Truck Driver from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Now while I would like to think that Truck Driver Bruh ran a mile or so down the road, flagged down a ride and made it to safety I also like to keep it 100 and the reality of the situation is that Truck Driver Bruh was a member of Team Chunk in good standing. So with him being a larger individual, Truck Driver Bruh probably only made it a few yards away before his lower back started hurting, the stomach cramps kicked in and his knees began aching. Which means it is very likely that Truck Driver Bruh was easy pickings for an enraged Leatherface who just watched his brother die and lost his prey. This sad ending for our hero was actually confirmed in a cut scene from Texas Chainsaw 3D where we see Truck Driver Bruh’s carcass hanging on a hook in Leatherface’s work room.

However, since that was not a scene that was included in the theatrical release of the movie I don’t consider it canon and in my own head canon I have Truck Driver bruh retiring to run a bar on the beach in Hawaii somewhere sipping tropical drinks and regaling all the customers who come in about how he saved a lady from a chainsaw wielding weirdo in Texas that one time.

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