Oscar Predictions & Ruminations

The biggest night of the year for the movie industry is this Sunday and the civilized world is all a titter wondering who will win the Best Picture…the silent movie that no one saw or the overrated movie that George Clooney was in? Speaking of Clooney will he take home the Best Actor trophy or will Brad Pitt finally be recognized as a real actor by his peers? And will the two men remain BFF’s when it is all over? And most important of all who will win the Best Actress throw down? Will Glenn Close finally win an Oscar? Can Meryl Streep’s great performance overcome the crappy movie she was in? Or will Viola Davis continue the long tradition of the Academy recognizing black people only when they play one five types of roles…the crook, the ho, the clown, the crackhead, or the help? How the hell should I know? And why am I asking all of these rhetorical questions?
Well like 99.9% of the rest of the bloggers on the Intertubes, I may not have any inside knowledge on the Oscar races this year but I do feel an uncontrollable need to share my own opinions and prognostication skills with the World Wide Web. So to find out what a humble citizen of this Earth with too much free time on his hands and a love of cinema thinks will and should happen at the Oscars just click the linky-dink below this sentence.

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