Samurai Stormtroopers Are My Favorite Kind of Stormtroopers

Japanese toy company Tamashii Nations have released images of their upcoming wave of Star Wars figures and in this batch of coolness were the Samurai Stormtroopers that will be released (only in Japan though…bummer) next year.

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Holy Crap! Marvel Has Killed The Hostess Spokesman Spider-Man

Mmmmmm Twinkies

Mmmmmm Twinkies

If you are a comic book reader of a certain age then you have fond memories of the ads for Hostess snacks that used to appear in the comics of the day. Super-heroes would face off against all manner of villains and defeat them by using the sugary goodness of a Twinkie, Ho Ho or fruit pie. All the heroes got in on the act but the most prolific were Batman and Spider-Man. So it was a sad day indeed when I read that Hostess Spidey was going to get deaded as part of this “Spider-Verse” currently crossover running through the Spider-Man books.

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The Daily Nerdgasm: Star Trek’s Enterprise As A Transformer

A crafty artist, fittingly named Unicron9, has created an awesome action figure that posits what the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise would look like as a Transformer. He has even created a cool little backstory on how the Enterprise became an Autobot that can be read at his DeviantART page.

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The Daily Nerdgasm: Wrap Your Tablet In An Evil Grimoire

Cthulhu be praised! Thanks to some fine soul who understands that calling upon the dark arts is now something that needs to be done digitally, the tablet owning public can now purchase a Necronomicon case and be ready for the Dark Ones to return and visit their unholy wrath upon this plane of existence.
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The Daily Nerdgasm: Catch Some Wookiee Propelled Air

If I skateboarded I would consider this Chewbacca inspired skateboard to be the coolest board in the history of the activity. And it could be yours for a cool $300.

The Daily Nerdgasm: The Legion of Real Life Supervillains

If you have ever wondered what a mash-up of Mao Tse Tung and Darkseid or Charles Manson and The Joker would look like then you may have a mental problem. You also would have something in common with graphic designer Butcher Billy who actually created a bunch of amalgamations between real life villains and some of comic’s biggest baddies.
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The Daily Nerdgasm: The Avengers Get Pixar’d

Illustrator and blogger Philip Postma put his Google searching and PhotoShopping skills to good sue to create some very cool looking Avengers characters as they could look if done by Pixar. Hopefully the bigwigs at Disney see these images and actually put a Pixar Avengers movie into production STAT! Click onward for more Avengers and go HERE to see more characters (including Spider-Man, X-Men and some of DC Comic’s finest) in all of their pseudo-Pixar glory.

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