Best Cosplay of the Day: Santa Doom!

Just in case you were unaware, Dr. Doom…the Fantastic Four arch-nemesis and all around awesome bad guy, once stood in for Santa Claus when jolly old St. Nick was killed in the line of duty trying to deliver gifts to Doom’s country of Latveria and the old guy’s last request was for Doom himself to finish delivering all the rest of the toys for Christmas. This was all documented in the classic WHAT THE-?! #10, “I’ll be Doom For Christmas” story
Comics are so great sometimes.

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Rule 63 Cosplay of the Week: Doctor Doom


“One day all who live will serve me. But they will serve through fear, because the boot or their conqueror has stamped their faces in the dirt … crushed their frail spirits. They will cringe at my approach, and bow in my presence. And they will do it in fear of their very lives. And I will be pleased. Thus, there will be a planet at peace. For only the will of one man need be fulfilled. How elemental. How pure. If only they could see. The order that men truly seek would at last be theirs. This I shall bestow upon them … for I am Doom.”

That quote when delivered by Victor Von Doom comes off as the ominous proclamations of a megalomaniac but if those words were spoken by the young lady that is the subject of this week’s bit of Rule 63 cosplay I would wager that more than a few people would gladly bend the knee and vow allegiance to Doom.
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