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The Inhumans TV Show Looks Terrible

After a long and rocky road that saw The Inhumans go from being a scheduled big screen tentpole film for Marvel Studios to being tossed aside for other characters like (the re-acquired from Sony) Spider-Man and The Black Panther, the property landed at ABC as a TV show. And after a couple of bad official photo releases and a less than overwhelming teaser we finally get the first full trailer for the show and it aint good. So join me as I point out what is wrong with The Inhumans show and the one thing that they seem to have gotten right.

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The Best Looking New Fall TV Shows

I did this last year and figured it was something worth doing annually just because I am a TV aficionado and I like to come back after a season is over to see if my first impressions turned out to be correct (I was all over the place with last year’s picks). So strap in and take a gander at what I think are the best looking shows the big broadcast networks plan on giving us next season.

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