The 5 Best Moments From The Season 2 Premier Of Z Nation

Z NATION is back and I couldn’t be happier. For a show that started out as something I had no intention of even watching to become one of the most entertaining shows I watch is really saying something. There were times during Season 1 where I would have given the nod to Z NATION over THE WALKING DEAD as far as being a more enjoyable trip through the zombie apocalypse. So I was totally geeked up to see the Season 2 premier (aptly titled “The Murphy”) and the fine folks at Asylum didn’t fail to impress with the over-the-top zombie fuckery.

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So I Finally Got Around To Watching Z Nation

Z NATION, The new zombie drama from the folks at The Asylum (the minds behind the SHARKNADO franchise) that airs on SyFy premiered last Friday but I completely forgot about it. Since I love all things zombie and will give any zombie related program a shot, I watched the pilot episode and while it is no THE WALKING DEAD it does have its charms so I will give it a few more watches before making a final decision. There were a couple of things that really stood out to me about that first episode though.

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