The Worst First Pitches By Pro Athletes

5. Gary Neville – Soccer player, Manchester United

Gary had two things going against him here…he isn’t used to using his hands to throw and he probably was thinking that rounders is a game for wee lassies.

4. Dirk Nowitzki – Basketball player, Dallas Mavericks

It looked like Dirk thought he was throwing the pitch to another 7 footer.

3. Trent Edwards – Football player, Buffalo Bills

Trent’s pitching was about on par with how well he throws a football.

2. Carl Lewis – Track star, Olympian

Was he really asking for a do over like he could possibly do any better on his second try?

1. John Wall – Basketball player, Washington Wizards

That was just pitiful…I’ve seen a blind kid throw a better first pitch than that.

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