Good, Bad & Ugly Review: Serenity

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 82% (Critics) / 89% (Audience)
Directed By: Joss Whedon
Written By: Joss Whedon
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and Chiwetel Ejiofor
Studio: Universal Pictures

Synopsis: A band of renegades on the run in outer space get in more hot water than they anticipated in this sci-fi action-adventure adapted from the television series Firefly. (Source)

The Good:
Seeing this cast of characters reunited after the horribly upsetting cancellation of the TV show it was based on was almost enough for me to give this film two thumbs way up but, nostalgia aside, this was a damn fine sci-fi movie. First time feature film director Joss Whedon showed a deft hand at navigating his little space opera and the action scenes were very crisp and well done. Whedon’s script was also really good and exhibited the hallmark Whedon wit that any fan of his TV show catalog has come to know and love.
The cast all fit back into their characters seamlessly with no loss of chemistry being evident. Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and Summer Glau especially stood out since they were asked to so more with their characters than the rest of the cast. Chiwetel Ejiofor needs to commended too for being able to create a villain that should have been very easy to hate but ended up forcing me to become conflicted in my feelings toward him.

The Bad:
Joss Whedon has a habit of creating incredibly three-dimensional characters that audiences grow to love and care about only to inflict terrible tragedies upon them. And he kicked it up a notch in this movie. The fates of two of the main cast from the TV show were absolutely shocking to me and still bum me out despite my having watched this film a billion times.
I also was a bit underwhelmed by River’s big secret mainly because it seemed to be completely different from what was being set up in the TV series. I mean there were no Blue Hands Men in this movie! That was a mystery I wanted to know the answers to.

The Ugly:
There is not supposed to be sound in space.

Final Verdict: My favorite instance of a TV show moving to the big screen, SERENITY is a well written, tightly directed and perfectly acted movie that is equal parts fun, space opera but with some really strong emotional scenes thrown in amidst all of the action. This movie is a must-see for any sci-fi fans and works just as well for neophytes as it does for fans of the small screen source material.  A

6 thoughts on “Good, Bad & Ugly Review: Serenity

    1. Summer is a favorite of mine but she seems to have horrible luck when it comes to her TV projects; they all get canceled really quickly.


    1. I still miss the show and find myself re-watching the DVD’s pretty regularly.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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