Game of Thrones Scene of the Week: Shadow Dancing

Poor Renly

There were a lot of scenes that could have qualified for scene of the week from ‘The Ghost of Harrenhal’…Tyrion’s continued tormenting of his cousin Lancel and working to diffuse his sister’s plot (or was it a scheme?) to use wildfire against Stannis’ armies; Dany’s adventures in Qarth; Stannis and the Onion Knight’s deeply honest conversation about Melisandre; or Arya’s continuing story (which had the line of the week uttered by such a cute little girl, “Anyone can be killed”) that saw her going into a partnership of sorts with Jaqen H’ghar that bore immediate fruit while having more than a little To Catch a Predator vibe going on as far as I was concerned.

But the scene that stood out the most for me happened at the beginning of the episode.

Poor Renly got shanked in the back by his brothers bastard shadow baby like he was the unfortunate new fish in a prison movie. I knew nothing good was going to come from Stannis making the beast with two backs with Melisandre but I didn’t think he would be so desperate for the Iron Throne that he would use the witch’s sorcery to assassinate his own brother.

I’m going to miss Renly too…he was such a change of pace from the rest of the characters on this show who lusted after the throne. He seemed to be more sensible and would likely have made a pretty decent king. But his death does create more story: Stannis now has the army he needs to make a full assault on King’s Landing; Margaery seems poised to join forces with Littlefinger to try and steal a piece of the throne for herself; and Brienne (whose grief over Renly’s death was second only to  Loras) and Kat are now implicated in Renly’s murder with Brienne swearing fealty to Kat with the promise that she will be given the opportunity to kill Stannis should the opportunity present itself.

Things are getting hot in Westeros and we are only halfway through the season.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Scene of the Week: Shadow Dancing”

    1. I agree, I was expecting whatever plans Melissandre and Stannis had for Renly to occur towards the end of the episode as some sort of cliffhanger.


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