Game of Thrones Scene of the Week: Winter Is Finally Here

One of the tag lines for this season of Game of Thrones was “Winter is Coming” and since I am obsessed with the whole White Walker thing I was very eagerly awaiting more scenes of GoT’s version of zombies. Alas the season was very light on the zombies despite a lot of time being spent beyond the wall. That is until the last few minutes of the second season finale where a horde of White Walkers led by a totally bad ass White Walker Warrior on a zombie horse showed up.

Poor Sam…I may just shed a tear when he comes back as a White Walker next season.

This episode had an overabundance of really cools scenes: Brienne going HAM on a bunch of raping douchebags; Arya and the ever growing mystery of Jaqen H’Ghar; Dany and her baby dragons finally flexing their muscles.

This season may have been a bit uneven but this last episode has me totally psyched for season 3.

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