Good, Bad & Ugly Review: Wolverine & The X-Men #16

STORY BY: Jason Aaron
ART BY: Chris Bachalo
COVER BY: Chris Bachalo

The story no one was waiting for…the origin of Kade Kilgore!


Not much good can be said about this comic storywise but Bachalo’s art was as good as ever. His use of shadows and original panel layouts that not many artists could get away with. Too bad this issue marks his last on the book.


The character of Kade Kilgore is a horrendous creation…actually the entire Hellfire Rugrats concept is just so monumentally stupid that every issue I read with them in it makes my teeth ache.
It doesn’t help matters that Jason Aaron seems so consumed with making these characters “cool” that he fails to make them even the slightest bit interesting. This origin story is basically page after page of Kade Kilgore in full exposition mode detailing how awesomely bad he is despite not showing anything to make the reader become engaged with the character at all.


So after reading this issue I was still left with one major question…just what the hell is his reason for hating the X-Men so much? He seemed to be consumed with money, power and mayhem so wouldn’t he be more interested in being a thorn in the side of the Avengers or something? The bug he has up his ass about the X-men (and Wolverine’s school full of children in particular) makes no sense at all and this issue did nothing to illuminate things.


A terrible read focusing on terrible characters that made me wish Jason Aaron would get re-assigned off this book. But the art was purty and at least we get Doop in the next issue. Doop rocks!

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