Legion of the Lame: The Orb


Real Name: Drake Shannon
Powers: Laser helmet; laser gun
Arch-Enemy: Ghost Rider
First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #15

About The Orb

The Orb’s origin is a cautionary tale about the dangers of riding a motorcycle without a helmet.
Drake Shannon was a hot-headed stunt cyclist who suffered an accident in a race with his business partner that left him looking like Jason Voorhees (Drake thought helmets were for squares) and mad at the world. As is wont to happen when one becomes angry after a debilitating accident, Drake was visited by a group of long-lived would-be world conquering super scientists who liked to go around creating super-villains. These evil nerds gave Drake a laser gun and an eyeball shaped helmet and told him to go out and be very, very bad. Sadly Drake was about as good at being bad as he was at winning motorcycle races.

So Drake named himself The Orb (why I do not know…why not The Eye or Cyclops or even The Iris?), added a neckerchief to his awesome eyeball helmet ensemble, recruited a bunch of henchmen and set out to exact revenge on his now deceased business partner’s children. The Orb was shooting very low on the villain achievement scale. Unbeknownst to The Orb, one of his former partner’s kids just so happened to be Johnny Blaze, the alter-ego of The Ghost Rider. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that a jabroni with an eyeball helmet was doomed to get his ass kicked handily when going up against a spirit of vengeance.

Not one to be discouraged by a little adversity, The Orb continued to be a pain in the ass to Ghost Rider for years and he upgraded his eyeball helmet so that it shot a laser beam so he would have a better chance against Ghost Rider but still kept losing. He also took time out of getting his butt kicked to have plastic surgery to fix his disfigured face which probably should have been the first thing he did after the accident; it would have saved him a lot of humiliation.
The Orb continues to be running punchline while going against Ghost Rider and other Marvel Universe heroes like Hawkeye.

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