The Daily Nerdgasm: Inspector Spacetime Ep.1

If you are a fan of the genius NBC comedy COMMUNITY then you are well aware of the time traveling Inspector Spacetime. if you are not a COMMUNITY  fan (and if this is the case I cast all sorts of aspersions in your general direction) then let me break down Inspector Spacetime for ya. On COMMUNITY, two of the characters, Troy and Abed, are gigantic geeks with a love of all things sci-fi. Chief among their sci-fi fan geekery is the longrunning British sci-fi show Inspector Spacetimie, about a long lived alien who travels around through space and time in a red telephone booth (named the D.A.R.S.I.T.) with his human associates.  Sound familiar? Whoever could Inspector Spacetime be based on?
Well, the metafictional character has leaped from the COMMUNITY universe to the Interwebs with a live action webisode that is more fun than I expected it to be. Check it out after the cut.

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