The Daily Nerdgasm: The Halloween Movie That Could Have Been

Federico D’Alessandro, head Storyboard Artist and Animatics Supervisor at Marvel Studios, put together this animated pitch for a relaunch of the relaunched Halloween movie franchise (which was so necessary after the absolutely dreadful two films that Rob Zombie slapped together) that was being bounced around. Take a peak at the video after the jump.

Wow, there was more suspense in that nearly 9 minutes than Zombie was able to muster up in two whole movies. And I actually felt concern for the two crudely animated cops who fell at the hands of Michael Myers. Those two stiff line drawings showed more ability to emote than I have ever seen from that piece of drift wood Scout Taylor-Compton.Too bad nothing ever came of this pitch. You can read the whole story over at Bloody Disgusting.

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