Legion of the Lame: Doctor Bong


Real Name: Lester Verde
Powers: Genius intellect, sonic weaponry
Arch-Enemy: Howard the Duck
First Appearance: Howard the Duck #15 (1977)

About Doctor Orb

Lester Verde was a bullied momma’s boy who turned his tormented childhood into a focus on a journalism career. He would later begin playing in a punk band on the side where he would be in a freak accident with a prop guillotine that saw him lose his left hand. This trauma drove Lester mad and he did what all victims of lost limbs do…he put a giant bell on his head, fastened a metal ball on his stump, used his (heretofore unknown) scientific genius to create an army of animal/human hybrid henchmen and set out to become a super-villain Doctor Bong!

Now I don’t know about anyone else but if I were to take the time and effort to become a super-villain and my first public foray involved going up against a talking duck I think I may have just given up the whole bad guy thing and got a job with a pharmaceutical company. But not Dr. Bong…nope he not only accepted his defeat at the hands of Howard the Duck he decided to become Howard’s arch-nemesis.

So Doctor Bong has spent his entire career being foiled by a cigar smoking fowl but he also took the time to switch careers a few times becoming a psychiatrist at one point and he even started his own dot com business. On the freaky side of things Bong also developed a stalkerish crush on Howard the Duck’s main squeeze and that became his raison d’etre for many years. I am guessing being spurned in favor of a duck must have been very disheartening because Bong also made the wacky decision to genetically engineer a hybrid duck woman named Fifi that he dressed up in a french maid’s uniform. I can only imagine the vile things that went on between Bong and Fifi in the privacy of their own bedroom.

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