Who Will Be The First To Die In Season 3 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead returns for it’s third season on Sunday and with the coming of the new season it leads fans like me to start guestimating which of our happy band of survivors will be the first to become zombie food. I have narrowed my choices down to a top 5.

1. Beth

Herschel’s other daughter, you remember her…she’s the one who went catatonic after the barn zombies were cleared out. Since she serves no purpose other than blond window dressing.

2. Herschel

I like Herschel, he has proven to be a much better character in the TV version of The Walking Dead than he was in the comic book. I also like he has pretty much become the replacement for what Dale was supposed to be in this show. However his death would be a major blow to the group and also a bit of a shock which always is a possibility for this show.

3. Lori

I don’t really think we will all be given the early Christmas gift that would be the (long overdue) death of Lori but a man can hope.

4. Carol

I am still a bit confused why she isn’t already dead Carol is a crappy character that I have never liked. The show should have gotten rid of her after it was revealed Sophia was a zombie. She has no chemistry with any of the characters on the show and the test drive they have done with her and Darryl has been disastrous. I say she needs to go.

5. T-Dog

T-Dog has been the most underutilized character on this show (all of his lines for the entirety of the second season can be summed up in less than 5 minutes) and truthfully I have never been able to figure out why he was created anyway. He is not a character from the comic yet unlike other characters created expressly for the show (like Darryl) he has been completely underdeveloped. Besides killing him would open the door to introduce the far superior Tyreese from the comic.

5 thoughts on “Who Will Be The First To Die In Season 3 of The Walking Dead?

      1. Nah he’s too important for this seasons development unless they are going in a completly different direction than the comics.


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