Wishful Casting: The Female Expendables Movie

With the announcement that there will be an all female Expendables-type film made many a movie fan began doing their own wishful casting. Most of the suggestions were along the same lines as the original Expendables casting and seemed to focus on seasoned action starlets like Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton and Pam Grier. A curveball was thrown to aspiring casting directors everywhere when Gina Carano and Katee Sackhoff were announced as the first actresses to be signed for the film. So using those two ladies being selected as my inspiration of where I think this film is going casting-wise I came up with my own list.

Zoe Bell

Stuntwoman to the stars and all around badass chick, Zoe Bell would be a perfect fit for this cast. Just take a look at her impressive turn in the Quentin Tarantino directed DEATH PROOF and know that she would make a perfect Lady Expendable.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

It’s Buffy…what other reason does there need to be? SMG is pretty much the #1 female TV action hero plus she is quite the little actress too and that acting talent can come in handy for a film that would likely have a bit more character development and dramatic beats than the all male Expendables film gave us.

Natalie Mendoza

As Juno in the two DESCENT films, Mendoza showed an affinity for action and an intense acting style that would make her a great casting choice. She was the immediate star of the DESCENT movies so much so that she was brought back in the sequel despite her character being very explicitly killed onscreen in the first one.

Gina Torres

Amazonian is the best word to describe Gina Torres. For my money she is still the best choice to play Wonder Woman despite the obvious reasons why she would likely never be cast. She is also an action veteran having earned her stripes in everything from CLEOPATRA 2525 to ALIAS to FIREFLY just to name a few of her past projects.

Rhona Mitra

Rhona Mitra in DOOMSDAY was quite awesome. If you haven’t seen it then you are really missing out on one of the most over the top action flicks ever made and her performance in it was one of the most underrated female action performances in recent history in my estimation (I even blogged about it!). So hand her some automatic weapons and let her do her thing.

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is a tough broad. I tend to think she could probably beat up most male action stars. She is a very attractive woman and has a really rugged sex appeal about her but she also exudes an odd air of masculinity that makes her so natural of an action star.

Rose McGowan

McGowan is not the most obvious choice when it comes to action movies but I consider her Cherry Darling in PLANET TERROR to be one of my favorite action movie characters in recent memory. McGowan has an innate ability to instill humor into her roles and the fact that she played a character who took out mutant zombies with a machine gun that was attached to her leg just ups her coolness factor to dangerous levels.

Angelina Jolie

Now I am sure that when the announcement for this film was first made that Jolie was on everybody’s wishful casting shirt list. I also immediately thought of Angelina but not as one of the Lady Expendables but rather as the villain of the piece. Despite her not fitting with what seems to be the plan the people behind this movie are looking for, I think she would be perfect as the bad guy. Angelina also has a knack for being able to create a vibe of animosity with other actresses that sometimes seems effortless and unintended so that would really help in scenes with the heroes of the piece. She would also bring some star power to the film and that never hurts.

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