My Favorite Things: James Bond

With the latest (and hotly anticipated) James Bond film, Skyfall, debuting in theaters tomorrow it has got me to thinking about my own love of the Bond franchise. Not just Favorite Bond Actor or Favorite Song but favorite in all areas of the Bond movie annals. So click on through to see where my personal 007 affections lay.

Favorite James Bond: Sean Connery

Roger Moore could sometimes be too tongue in cheek; Daniel Craig is too damn Emo, Pierce Brosnan was too refined. But Sean Connery embodies all the elements of my favorite Bonds. he could be dark and serious like Craig and Timothy Dalton, he could be just as suave and debonair as Brosnan, and he could be just as fun as Moore. To this day Connery is the Bond by which all others are still being measured and it is because he was the most well rounded Bond of them all.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: James Bond

  1. Favorite Bond song: A View to a Kill. The only good thing to ever come from Paul McCartney’s time with Wings.
    Uh, Derek, I hate to tell you this but Duran Duran sang A View to a Kill. Paul McCartney and Wings did Live and Let Die.


  2. Good catch! I’d written an earlier draft that had A View To A Kill as my song choice then switched to Live and Let Die but I must have had a brain fart and forgot to edit when I copied it over from Word.


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