Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate The Greatness Of Keith David

2. Fought aliens with Kurt Russell in THE THING

In The horror movie classic, THE THING, David played a station worker named Childs who was pretty much the surliest dude in the entire movie (which was saying something considering the cast was made up of a bunch of guys who were trapped in a research station in the Antarctic with a parasitic, shape-shifting alien monster) and hated Kurt Russell’s MacReady with a passion. So it was only fitting that the last two survivors would turn out to be Childs and MacReady and neither guy knew for sure whether the other one was possibly the alien in disguise. Great movie and great performance by David.


  1. jmount43 · February 27, 2013

    He was also the voice of Al Simmons/Spawn in the animated series based on the Todd McFarlane comic book.


    • Derek · February 28, 2013

      Y’know I completely forgot about that Spawn series. it wass really cool too. A helluva lot better than horrible Spawn movie.hat


      • jmount43 · March 1, 2013

        I am in audible proximity to that.


  2. jsebastian · April 25, 2017

    Very underrated actor, hope he does more horror!


    • Derek · May 6, 2017

      Great to see another Keith David fan!


  3. David Gross · January 10

    Any fan of Psych knows it was Santa BARBARA. Not San Diego


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