Bad Kids Go To Hell – Good, Bad & Ugly Review

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 44% (Critics) / 54% (Audience)
Directed By: Matthew Spradlin
Written By: Matthew Spradlin and Barry Wernick
Starring: Judd Nelson, Ben Browder, Amanda Alch
Studio: BKGTH Productions LLC

Synopsis:On a stormy Saturday afternoon, six students from Crestview Academy begin to meet horrible fates as they serve out their detentions. Is a fellow student to blame, or perhaps Crestview’s alleged ghosts are behind the terrible acts? (Source)


The Good:
The movie worked overtime to include little nods to the BREAKFAST CLUB (more than just Judd Nelson‘s being in the cast) and they were all pretty neat nuggets of nostalgia.

The Bad:
The movie could have used a bit more BREAKFAST CLUB and a lot less of the kitchen sink philosophy which seemed to be the bulk of the script. The motivations of all the characters were so ridiculously byzantine and unrealistic and the “big twists” (there were several) were so bad that they made me let out audible groans of derision.

The Ugly:
The young ladies chosen to play the three high school girls in this movie were the oldest looking, most shop worn women to ever be cast as teenagers in the history of film and TV. They made Ian Ziering and Gabrielle Carteris from BEVERLY HILLS 90210 look like perfectly age appropriate casting choices.

Final Verdict: This movie was stupid yet it was obvious in every scene that the writers/director thought they were being oh so clever. Much like in the similarly themed movie DETENTION, the humor should have helped soften the onslaught of convoluted nonsense in the script but instead this movie was neither funny, scary or irreverent…it was just bad.

Rating: D

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