Jason Statham Is Not Here For The Nerdy Nonsense

The folks at Total Film asked a bunch of actors/directors at various press junkets whether they would be interested in being a part of the new Star Wars franchise and the majority of them were all for it for various reasons (being big nerds like Joss Whedon and Eli Roth or just wanting to work with JJ Abrams like Rachel Weisz and Mark Walberg) but Jason Statham could not be bothered to care.

The dude said he doesn’t like sci-fi and prefers more “true” stories. I guess he must know a lot of 70 year old mercenaries with plastic surgery and steroid habits or maybe he once spent a few months having to jumpstart his own heart with a car battery to keep himself alive. What a maroon…I don’t think Jason has been in a movie that was grounded in reality since Snatch.

Mila Kunis just makes herself even more adorable by admitting she is prefers Star Trek over Star Wars like any right minded person would.


  1. missgeekcritique · March 14, 2013

    Ugh i really don’t like Jason Statham!


    • Derek · March 14, 2013

      I can take him or leave him but he didn’t come off that well in his snarky reply to the question.

      Thanks for stopping by, btw.


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