Legion of The Lame (Iron Man Edition): Vibro

Real Name: Francis Vibereaux
Powers: Vibration blasts
Arch-Enemy: Iron Man
First Appearance: Iron Man #186 (1984)

About Vibro
Francis Vibereaux was a normal geologist tasked with taking some measurements of the San Andreas Fault as part of a test of his new invention: a machine that would absorb seismic energy as a means of mitigating damage from earthquakes. Sounds like Francis was a swell guy with a lot to offer the world, huh? So this being a comic book guess what happened while Francis was testing his anti-earthquake machine? Yep, an earthquake hit opening a trench that Francis and his gizmo fell into. Somehow the combination of the earthquake, the anti-earthquake machine and plunging to depths that should have killed him instead ended up disfiguring him and giving him “Vibration Powers”!!!!
vibro2aFrancis started calling himself Vibro (which seemed to be something he was destined to do considering his government name) and decided to get revenge on the guy who hired him to build his anti-earthquake machine because his employer obviously had something to do with the natural disaster that turned him into a deformed super villain. His quest for revenge brought Vibro into contact with Iron Man and he has been getting his ass kicked periodically by old Shellhead ever since.

vibro3aVibro has been caught, jailed and escaped numerous times over the years with no real plan of action every time he escapes. Sometimes he is mad at local municipalities for not being more stringent with their disaster preparedness while other times he is just your run of the mill bank robbing bad guy and other times he would just start destroying property in order to draw Iron Man to him so they can have a fight. The guy is not very well thought out at all.

There are a lot of reasons why Vibro sucks: the name Vibro for one is just ridiculous and I don’t care that it is basically just a dumbed down version of his surname, call yourself Quakemaster or Dr. Seismic or something; his costume, a billowy onesie that looks like something a European disco artist from 1978 would wear on stage is just sad and what makes it even worse is that it is not his super-villain costume but instead is the outfit Vibro was wearing before the accident that gave him his super-powers. So he was a decidedly flamboyant geologist long before becoming a super-villain; and he looks like an unmasked Jason Voorhees with worse teeth.
While I know it would never happen I would pay good money to see this character transition, totally unchanged, from the comic page to the big screen. I doubt Robert Downey Jr. would be able to keep a straight face when challenged by the earth shaking might of Vibro!!

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