The 3 Game of Thrones Character That I Wish Had Already Shown Up On The TV Show

I am a huge GAME OF THRONES fan and this current season is shaping up to be my favorite especially if things occur before the end of the season that I expect to occur. However, my love of the show hasn’t stopped me from wondering why certain characters from the books have not appeared on the show yet. I get that George R.R. Martin’s books are massive and filled with legions of characters so the TV show has been creative in merging characters or eliminating characters entirely and giving their storylines to others (its looking like Willas Tyrell’s place will be taken by his brother Loras). That being said I feel that there are three characters we should have met already on the show just because they are impact players who need (and deserve) to be fleshed out a bit more before being plunged into the middle of already established characters and stories. So click onward brave soldiers and be prepared for spoilers aplenty.

Oberyn Martell
Oberyn Martell, commonly referred to as The Red Viper, is the Prince of Dorne and hails from House Martell. Oberyn is a great character: he is lusty, bedding women (and men) left and right; he is a capable warrior, and he is skilled in the wily ways of political intrigue. He also ties to many of the characters currently featured on the TV show. He has vowed to kill Gregor Clegane for Clegane’s rape and murder of Oberyn’s sister; he has a contentious relations with House Tully; and in the book it was Oberyn that Tywin was attempting to force Cersei to marry not Loras Tyrell.
The best reason for Oberyn to have been introduced already is because after Tyrion is accused of Joffrey’s murder, it is Oberyn that agrees to do battle in Tyrion’s name during the trial by combat. Right now it would make no sense for some brand new character with no real ties to anyone on the show to just jump in as Tyrion’s champion. That is a role that Bron would be right for in the current continuity of the show.
Casting Suggestion: Naveen Andrews

Mace Tyrell
The Lord of House Tyrell, Mace plays a major role following the events of the Purple Wedding of King Joffrey to Mace’s daughter Maergery but I think having him as even a temporary presence in King’s Landing before the nuptials and the brouhaha that comes out of it would be a good way to build the character a bit more instead of just dropping him into middle of all the palace intrigue and regicide that is coming down the pike. Beside I think it would be a hoot to see Mace dealing with his mother, Lady Olenna during less stressful times. I also would like to see if the show would make the character more formidable than the books in much the same way that the character of Maergery is so much more vibrant on TV than in the book.
Casting Suggestion: Robbie Coltrane

Strong Belwas
Stong Belwas should have actually appeared by now if one is going by the strict guidelines of the books. He joined Daenerys Targaryen’s group around the same time that Barristan Selmy did and was her personal bodyguard by the time she acquired The Unsullied. He is a massive eunuch, pit fighter that is also a former slave. He is a great fighter who claims to have never lost and comes with a truly unique personality the likes of which GoT has not seen so far. I read online that GRRM has stated that Belwas won’t be appearing on the show at all but I am hoping the minds behind the show have a change of heart because this character will be sorely missed…at least by me.
Casting Suggestion: Taylor Wily

5 thoughts on “The 3 Game of Thrones Character That I Wish Had Already Shown Up On The TV Show

    1. Yeah I read an article where GRRM said as much but he didn’t go into detail about why Belwas was dumped.
      I still want the big guy on the show though.
      Thanks for stopping by, btw!


  1. Yeah it is a bit strange, especially because it added to the whole exotic and diverse aspect of the lands Dany travels by. Also it would add to Selmy’s character, since he is a bit bland compared to the fuming veteran who called the king “boy” after he was kicked from the guard.

    We need more gigantic men!


    1. They could have even rejiggered things if they didn’t want to go into the backstory for him from the books and introduced Belwas as one of the Unsullied, maybe Grey Worm’s 2nd in command or something.


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