Joss Whedon Must Be A Fan of Tuff Turf…Casts James Spader In Avengers Sequel

James Spader has been cast as the villainous robot Ultron in the Avengers sequel which will reunite Spader with Robert Downey Jr., his co-star from one of the greatest bad movies ever: TUFF TURF ( I know they starred in LESS THAN ZERO together but that movie sucks ass and not in a good way). This is an odd bit of casting though, much odder than Ben Affleck as Batman to be honest, and I am curious as to just how Whedon plans on depicting Ultron in this movie.

Now as much of a fan of James Spader as I may be, and I am quite a fan…I loved every second of BOSTON LEGAL, thought his Robert California was the highlight of the penultimate season of THE OFFICE, and I own pristine copies of several of his movies (from MANNEQUIN to THE SECRETARY)…Mr. Spader has let himself slide into his 50s with nary one second spent fighting Father Time. So will he be the voice of a digital version of Ultron or is Whedon going to take a different route (and the one I really hope they go for) by having an Ultron that is more akin to the human looking Cyclon from the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA reboot instead of a full on robot?
Either way I am pleased with this little bit of casting and really hope we get at least one scene between Tony Stark and Ultron that comes anywhere close to being this awesome:

Ah, the 80s were such a wondrous time, choreographed dance routines would break out at the drop of a hat back then.

3 thoughts on “Joss Whedon Must Be A Fan of Tuff Turf…Casts James Spader In Avengers Sequel

    1. Great clip! How anyone could dislike Robert California is a mystery to me. He was awesome and Spader was amazing in the role.


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