5 Ways Fox Could Make The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Reboot Work

Variety is reporting that 20th Century Fox is looking to reboot the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN franchise with a new big screen movie. Based on the Alan Moore property of the same name, the 2003 film focused on literary characters teaming up to stop a villain from conquering the world and starred Sean Connery in what would be his final film role. The movie was not good (to say the least) and totally tanked any hopes Fox had of starting a franchise based on the properties. But with comic book movies and inter-connected cinematic universes being all the rage nowadays, Fox has decided to dig THE LEAGUE out of the mothballs and take another shot at jumpstarting this movie franchise once again. Since I am a fan of the book I figured I would come up with the steps I think would guarantee Fox has more success this go round than they had in 2003.

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R.I.P. Richard “Jaws” Kiel

TMZ has reported that Richard Kiel, best known for playing the villain Jaws in several James Bond movies, has passed away at the age of 74.
Jaws is one of my favorite Bond villains and Kiel was great in the role. Click behind the cut to see a really cool video of all of the awesome that was Jaws.
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R.I.P. Meshach Taylor

Meshach Taylor, best known for playing Anthony Bouvier on the CBS sitcom DESIGNING WOMEN, passed away today at the age of 67. While Taylor’s DESIGNING WOMEN character is what he will be most remembered for, I will always remember him fondly for another role.

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Which DC Comics Character Is The Rock Going To Be Playing?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gotten fanboys from across the full spectrum of geeky fandom (comics, action movie and wrestling) all abuzz with one little tweet. A fan asked The Rock what superhero he would like to play in a movie and his response was a bit unexpected to say the least.


Thing Ring Do Your Thing!

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Finally the geniuses in Hollywood are making the greatest Saturday morning cartoon that ever existed into a full-length feature film: Hanna-Barbera’s version of the Fantastic Four’s Thing! Or at least that is what it seems like with the news that BILLY ELLIOTT actor Jamie Bell has been cast as the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing in Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

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I Love When Movies Do Promotional Stuff Like This

This real life telekinetic freak out as part of the promotion of the CARRIE remake is really cool.
I just hope one day I am in a coffee shop minding my own business when Hollywood decides to get it’s prank on.

I’m Not Good, I’m Not Nice, I’m Just Right

I will let the few folks who read this blog in on a secret…I like musical theater.
Shocking I know. And I am sure that little tidbit has you all very curious about just what a peculiar sort your fearless blogger actually is.

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