I’m Not Good, I’m Not Nice, I’m Just Right

I will let the few folks who read this blog in on a secret…I like musical theater.
Shocking I know. And I am sure that little tidbit has you all very curious about just what a peculiar sort your fearless blogger actually is.

So I dig musicals and one of my favorite productions is Stephen Sondheim’s INTO THE WOODS (it’s from that play that the title of this blog comes from) so I was a bit of an excited theater nerd when I heard a big screen adaptation was being made. Then my excitement was dimmed a bit when it was announced that Meryl Streep was cast as The Witch. Now I bow down at the altar of Meryl when it comes to acting prowess but I saw MAMA MIA and I was not blown away by her singing abilities especially not when she is stepping into a role that theater vet (and amazing singer!) Bernadette Peters put her stamp on. I am a bit less wary after seeing the first photo of Streep all done as the older version of The Witch though:


She’s looking a bit Helena Bonham Carter-ish in that pic dontcha think?
I am really eager to see her in the younger vampy look of The Witch character too. And I will continue to hold out hope that Streep will rise to the task vocally and come at least somewhere close to Peters’ version:

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