Guardians of the Galaxy Goodies

Of all the Marvel Comics properties Disney could have put into production, The Guardians of the Galaxy had to have been the last one anybody thought would actually happen. As a fan of the GOTG I was admittedly a little geeked out and as dribs and drabs of pics and info get’s leaked my excitement is growing and growing.

Vin Diesel is Groot?
Reports are coming out that Vin Diesel is likely to accept the role as the voice of the sentient tree creature Groot. I would be shocked if this actually happens because I would think that Marvel/Disney would want to use Diesel in a more high profile role but I also think he would be great in the part just based on how awesome he was as the voice of the Iron Giant.

Glenn Close Will Be Almost Unrecognizable

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Check out these images of Glenn Close as Nova Prime surrounded by members of the Nova Corps and assorted random aliens. You can barely recognize the acclaimed actress under all of the make-up and prosthetics.

There Are Aliens Aplenty In The Streets of London

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Those  pics of extras from the movie in full make-up running for their lives from who knows what were filmed in London (as evidenced by the city scape in the background) which I assume will be digitally removed in post-production.

Comicon Video Clip of the Actual Movie

This video of scenes from the film may be terrible cell-phone camera quality but it is clear enough to show that this movie is going to be a wild ride.

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