Bad Movies That Rock: Zapped!

Devil Horns Rating:Devil Horns

What’s It About?
ZAPPED! is a teen sex-comedy spoof of the Stephen King/Brian DePalm film CARRIE, with Scott “Chachi” Baio as a high school science nerd who gains telekinetic powers from an experiment gone wrong. And since it is the early 1980s the main thing he uses those powers for his to expose as many high school girl boobs as he can.


So What’s So Bad About It?
It stars Scott Baio for one thing and it has the FX budget of a pre-school production of The Nutcracker. The script is horrible, it looks like it was edited by a deranged chimpanzee and did I mention it stars Scott Baio? CHARLES IN CHARGE, JOANIE LOVES CHACHI…that Scott Baio?

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