Remake Rumble: Embrace of The Vampire (1995) vs Embrace of The Vampire (2013)

The 411: Charlotte, a timid and sheltered college freshman, is seduced by a centuries old vampire unleashing the inner desires that Charlotte never even knew existed inside of her.

Charlotte (Alyssa Milano) vs Charlotte (Sharon Hinnendael)
embrace1 Alyssa Milano was no great shakes in the acting department in the original EMBRACE but she was the girl from WHO’S THE BOSS all grown up in a sexy erotic vampire thriller so that pre-existing cache carried a lot of weight. Plus, while she was no threat to Meryl Streep, Milano was convincing as a sheltered girl with very little experience with any types of close interpersonal relationships and she had good chemistry with one of her onscreen romantic partners in EMBRACE.
Sharon Hinnendael looks good naked.

Vampire (Martin Kemp) vs Professor Brendan Cole / Stefan (Victor Webster)
embrace2Martin Kemp used to play bass in Spandau Ballet and he had a nice turn on the long running British soap EASTENDERS. He was great in those two endeavors which makes me kinda sad that he was such a stiff whiny presence as the unnamed vampire in EMBRACE. He does nothing more than brood obsessively over Milano’s character and that is not what makes a compelling movie vampire.
Webster at least gets a name and purpose other than mooning over Charlotte but the guy is so wooden and lacking in charisma that you just want someone to stake him for being an absolute bore. But he still isn’t as big a non-entity as Kemp was.

Sarah (Charlotte Lewis) vs Sarah (Chelsey Reist)
embrace3 Charlotte Lewis is an incredibly beautiful woman and she was great as the subtly predatory, alluringly sapphic photography student who was far better at the art of seduction than the centuries old vampire she was competing with. Lewis and Milano had an electric chemistry that really lit up the screen during their love scene.
Chelsey Reist looks good naked.

1995 Movie vs 2013 Movie
embrace4 The original EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE was a better than average erotic thriller mainly because of the caliber of the cast. In addition to Milano, Lewis and Kemp there was Rachel True as Milano’s Charlotte’s best friend and Jordan Ladd as the bitchy Eliza and these actors helped elevate the movie above the Skinemax level of film that it seemed destined to be.
The remake, however, is nothing more than the T-n-A bonanza that one would expect it to be with all of the requisite bad acting and nonsensical writing that only served to kill time till the next bit of nudity was called for.

winner Final Verdict: Neither of these movies could be considered good by any stretch of the imagination and I can’t think of any reason why a remake was deemed necessary but the original EMBRACE rose above its basement level destiny by a combination of decent actors and the novelty of watching a child star cast off her innocent image by getting naked and making out with other chicks. The remake is just a bunch of pretty naked girls acting badly.   EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE ’95: C+   EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE ’13: D-


3 thoughts on “Remake Rumble: Embrace of The Vampire (1995) vs Embrace of The Vampire (2013)

  1. The only reason the original is even remembered was because Alyssa Milano got naked in it. Other than that the movie sucks. At least Charlotte in the remake had more of a fighter in her.


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