Short Shrift Theater: The Sleepover

THE SLEEPOVER takes us to a town where all of the tropes of the standard slasher movie are very real and known to the citizenry, the job of babysitter is not something that just any pimply faced teen can do. Oh no, my friends. To be a babysitter in this town one has to be a bad  mama jamma who can go toe-to-toe with any hard to kill masked, blade wielding freak that happens to show up primed to murder anyone he meets. And woe be the young whippersnapper who doesn’t take the suggestions that the babysitter gives about making sure your room is secure.

I really hope some studio options this short so it can be made into a full-length film. A comedy-horror flick where the townsfolk are in on the standard tropes and where we get the promise of many a scene of babysitters going all Bruce Lee on the slasher sounds like a fun time at the cinema to me.

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