Short Shrift Theater: Secret Santa

This is a very fitting short film for this time of year from Amalgam Studios and it manages to pack a major wallop into a barely 3 minute running time.

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Short Shrift Theater: Five Minutes

5 MINUTES is an interactive zombie film and in this universe the first symptoms that someone is becoming a zombie is a loss of memory within the first five minutes of exposure. So throughout the film you are presented with relatively simple tasks to prove your memorization skills are intact.

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Short Shrift Theater: Lights Out

This short from the Bloody Cuts “Who’s There” Horror Short Film Challenge is one of the creepiest shorts i have seen in a while. It also gets more tension in it’s three minute running time than some full length movies fit into two ours. Check out the video after the cut.


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Short Shrift Theater: The Sleepover

THE SLEEPOVER takes us to a town where all of the tropes of the standard slasher movie are very real and known to the citizenry, the job of babysitter is not something that just any pimply faced teen can do. Oh no, my friends. To be a babysitter in this town one has to be a bad  mama jamma who can go toe-to-toe with any hard to kill masked, blade wielding freak that happens to show up primed to murder anyone he meets. And woe be the young whippersnapper who doesn’t take the suggestions that the babysitter gives about making sure your room is secure.
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Short Shrift Theater: Abe

Waking up in a serial killer’s kill room is pretty crappy but when that serial killer happens to be a robot it gets just a bit creepier than you could possibly imagine. That is what we get in the short film ABE where a servant robot with severe emotional problems takes to murder to try and find out why no one loves him. The concept is insanely inventive and the execution is great especially the overly calm British voice of ABE that sounds like Paul Bettany or Jude Law after taking mood stabilizers.
Hollywood must think this is a pretty novel concept too since MGM has acquired the rights from creator Rob McClellan to make a feature film based on this short.
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Short Shrift Theater: #TRUTHINJOURNALISM

Director Adi Shankar follows up his really cool Punisher short film with another gritty take on a Marvel Comics character. This time he focuses his lens on Eddie Brock or as he is better known, Venom.
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