Short Shrift Theater: Dirty Laundry

Thomas Jane, star of the 2004 Punisher film, takes his love of the character to the streets and made this short film himself depicting the type of Punisher (a name that is never uttered in the vid to avoid Marvel’s pesky lawyers) he thinks would be the best onscreen.

At 10 minutes long and shot on an obvious budget of $7.34, this short film is better than all 3 of the previous Punisher feature films (including the one Jane himself starred in which was a colossal shit sandwich) combined. Maybe now that Marvel is flush with all of that Disney cash they can dust off the old Punisher property and finally put out the dark, gritty, ultra-violent movie that fans have been waiting for. Plus it has Ron Perlman and an homage to one of my favorite commercials ever in it.

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