True Blood Season Five: Hopeless

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

These Dirty Motherf%!$ers Killed Roman!

I don’t even know what to say about this nonsense. We finally get the two top vamps on the show in the same scene together and what happens? Russell stakes Roman like he was some nameless, red shirted henchman vampire. This is uncool, man. Totally uncool. I can’t even focus on the rest of what happened on the show to be honest…I am so disappointed by this turn of events.
Let’s remember him as he was…the grand high muckety-muck and top rottie poo of the Vampire Authority.

In Other Doings

Before everything went to hell Sookie used her super powers to stop Russell from feeding on her; Eric glamored Alcide to forget about Russell Edginton being alive and to also find Sookie to be a yucky, gross girl; Kibwe killed all the other human witnesses and I also think he and Salome are working together with the Sanguinists; Hoyt is reaching Gary from The Last American Virgin levels of patheticness; Pam called Tara a good bitch; Alcide wants to hang up his lone wolf jacket and become the new leader of the pack; Sookie and Jason visited Cirque du Fairyland; Sam and Luna are indestructible; Terry’s story still sucks balls; Nora is the hottest religious zealot to ever join a cult; and Lafayette’s mom is still awesome beyond words.

Best Character of the Week: Russell Edgington

The King is back and it’s about damn time.

Worst Character of the Week: Hoyt

Simping aint easy unless you are a loser like Hoyt. Can he just die already?

Final Verdict
I am still in shock at Roman being offed. I love Russell Edgington like a wino loves free booze but I was really looking forward to him and Roman having an epic battle throughout the remainder of this season. Aside from my disappointment with the progression of the Vampire Authority stuff, I also was not all that happy with this episode as a whole. There was too much happening (which has been a problem  for this show all season) and too much of it was stories that I don’t really care about. The less than enthralling subplots need to either be resolved quickly, folded into the rest of the show so that their awfulness can be diluted, or given less screen time than what happened in this episode. And stop killing characters that are interesting, dammit! Kill off a couple of the crappy characters I hate…hell I was primed for Hoyt to die this episode and would have been happy as hell if it happened. C+


  1. jmount43 · July 18, 2012

    Hoyt has got on my last nerve as well.


    • Derek · July 19, 2012

      Yeah, he has moved past Tara on my list of characters who need to die.


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