My Favorite LGBTQ Characters From Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Adventure TV

As a big old nerd I wholeheartedly recognize and appreciate that the realm of genre (science fiction, fantasy, horror, action/adventure) TV has always been very progressive and ahead of the curve in pop culture when it comes to LGBTQ representation and over the years I have become a major fanboy of many of the LGBTQ characters that have appeared on those TV shows. So in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month I figured I’d share some of that love with this list of my favorite characters from some of my favorite TV shows.

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My Name is Derek And I Am A Hate-Watcher

Admitting one has a problem is the first step to getting better, right? Anyway hate-watching is different from watching a show you hate because there is a part of you that wants to like the show despite all of its flaws. Hate-watching is also not like guilty pleasure watching because a guilty pleasure TV show is one that you love but are just ashamed to admit to enjoying. Nope, hate-watching is in its own special category and is horribly addictive.

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Good, Bad & Ugly Review: True Blood

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 50% (Critics) / 83% (Audience)
Episode Title: “Jesus Gonna Be Here”
Directed By: Stephen Moyer
Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell and Ryan Kwanten
Network: HBO

Synopsis:A band of rogue H-vamps crashes the vampire-human mixer at Merlotte’s, with shocking results. As Sookie seeks refuge from accusations that she’s somehow to blame for the chaos in Bon Temps, the “one vampire for every human” plan moves forward. In the face of a vigilante insurrection led by redneck Vince, Bill receives aid from an unexpected source. – (Source)

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Trailer of the Day: True Blood Season 6

So HBO has given the masses our first glimpse at the new season of TRUE BLOOD and while it is only 40 seconds there are quite a few things that can be taken from the video.
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True Blood Season Five: Sunset

OK, so we are in the penultimate episode of the season with a multitude of storylines and characters that need to be put in place for the climax of all the doings so far yet this episode only runs 52 minutes. What’s up with that? It’s not like there wasn’t a shitload of stuff that could have been squeezed into that extra 8 minutes especially after the show wasted time on the Herveaux family dynamic for some insane reason. Alan Ball is worse at time management than Andy Reid.

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True Blood Season Five: Gone, Gone, Gone

Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya

Finally we are getting some progress from this show when it comes to removing useless characters and Hoyt, who bid Bon Temps farewell this episode, was one of the more useless. And to continue his lame ass existence he couldn’t even leave town like a man instead he had Jessica use her vamp powers to make him forget that he ever loved her and that he ever even knew Jason. I would think removing Jason from his memories would create a lot of unanswered questions since the bulk of Hoyt’s life was spent as Jason Stackhouse’s sidekick. The other positive (besides Hoyt leaving) was that it allowed us to see the softer side of Jason as he really struggled with letting go of his best friend.

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