True Blood Season Five: Somebody I Used To Know

“If you’re horny, let’s do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle’s waitin’
Come and jump on it

Vamps Just Wanna Have Fun

The high as a kite vamps come back to the VA compound after wiping out that karaoke loving wedding party. Everyone is still basking in the glow of Lilith’s blood except for Eric who has had enough of this nonsense. He tries to appeal to Bill but Mr. Compton seems to have drunk the Kool-Aid. Eric next makes an attempt to use his and Nora’s link to Godric to get her to realize that she has lost her way but that attempt crashes and burns. Finally the vamps all start brainstorming strategies to get the human loving vamps to join their side and lo and behold its Bill Compton who comes up with the idea of destroying the plants that produce True Blood effectively forcing all vamps to have to start drinking from the tap so to speak.
Also Russell and Rev. Steve are becoming my favorite couple on this show.

Bon Temp Leap

After convincing Sookie that getting rid of her fairy powers was not a good idea (no shit, how many times have her sparkle hands saved her life?), Jason and his sister went back to Cirque du Fairy to get some help from Claude figuring out what vampire killed their parents. Claude and The Claudettes take Sookie back to the bridge where her parents died and use their fairy powers to send Sookie back in time to see those events through her mother’s eyes. Things get complicated when midway through the quantum leap Sookie begins seeing things through the vampire’s eyes. She doesn’t get an ID (aside from his possible name: Warlo) on her perp but she does see that the dearly departed Claudine showed up that night and dispatched the mystery vampire. Later on Sookie has a disturbing visit from a ghostly image of the vamp that gives her the warning that he is coming for her. So this is either a brand new, ultra-bad vampire, Russell Edgington, or my personal wish, Bill. It has already been established that Bill is a massive douche (stalking Sookie for Nan Flanagan, setting her up to get almost beaten to death so he could give her his blood) and this would be just the thing to make his full blown switch to the dark side even more compelling.

Alcide Finally Gets Lucky
Alcide was able to finally get through a sex scene without being interrupted. On this occasion it was with hot werewolf Rikki. The tow of them had a very energetic encounter before Alcide went off to do battle with JD for control of the pack. JD throws a curveball by changing the rules from a fight between the two weres to a hunt with the prey being a kidnapped human.
Alcide balked at the idea which caused him to have to forfeit his challenge; JD still planned on hunting the kid so Alcide intervened and got his ass kicked y the vampire blood addled JD. Alcide finally becomes lucky in love and then becomes unlucky in life.

I Finally Curr
Lafayette is making his way home from his wild bruha weekend and when he gets to his spot is ambushed by Arlene and Holly who want him to use his medium powers to convince Terry that he isn’t cursed. After a wonderful bit of vintage Lafayette sassiness he agrees and we move over to Maison Bellefleur where Lafayette does his thing a little too well. He makes contact with the angry Arab lady who then possesses him briefly so she can leave a message: she’ll drop her curse if Terry or Patrick dies from the others hand. This prompts Patrick to haul ass out of there like he just found out WAS THE FATHER on the Maury Povich show.
At least this storyline is starting to matter to me now. Introducing Lafayette into it is a good idea.

Other Shenanigans

Sam apprehends one of the Anti-Supes guys and gets a confession out of him by turning into a cobra. Luna shifts into Sam for some reason and gets stuck. This did allow Sam Trammell to give a pretty funny performance as Luna/Sam.
The Anti-Supes kidnap Jess and a “gift” for Hoyt. They hand him a gun and lock him and the silver chained vampire in a room together. Hoyt sets Jess free but since its daytime she is stuck in the anti-Supes HQ. Hoyt then runs off to get help.
Sam, Andy and Luna show up at the Anti-Supes HQ based off the info Sam got which makes Jess wonder where the hell Hoyt is? Well Mr. Fortenberry gets picked up by a gun-toting familiar face. Could it be his delightfully heinous mother? Luna did says she smelled the lingering scent of a female with a penchant for greasy snack foods at the Anti-Supes HQ.

Tara and Pam have a mother/daughter bonding moment over the forced servitude of a racist old classmate of Tara’s who was a rude beyotch to the baby vamp. This also gave us the best line of the night from Pam about how her mad face and happy face are exactly the same.

Best Character of the Week: Lafayette
The old Lafayette that we know and love was back in force in this episode. Let’s hope he sticks around.

Worst Character of the Week: Werewolves
I don’t get the werewolves on True Blood. They are all a bunch of skeevy trailer trash who pick and choose their rules and moments of honor. JD has not done a thing to hide his V abuse yet they let him go into the pack leader challenged all hopped up on vampire blood. They make no gotdamn sense.

Final Verdict: A step up from last week which was a bit of a slapdash mess. This episode felt a lot tighter and the integration of divergent storyliens was a welcome sight. Hopefully some of the lesser subplots get resolved next week so that the main storylines (The Sanguinistas/Sookie’s parents’ killer/the Anti-Supe movement) can begin to merge together without any distractions. B

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