True Blood Season Five: We’ll Meet Again

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Pam stops Tara from killing herself on the tanning bed and compels her to refrain from any more attempts at suicide. she then takes her child back to Fangtasia where Bill and Eric are waiting for them. While Bill and Tara go into the other room, Eric forcefully questions Pam to see if she is the one who helped dig up Russell Edgington. Pam didn’t do it and she is mightily pissed at Eric for even thinking she would. Eric tries to be all cold-blooded and haughty but eventually he warms up and makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure Pam’s safety by freeing her from the maker bond so that she won’t be swept up in the whole Vampire Authority/Russell Edginton fracas that Eric is confident will end in his own death.
Bill and Tara’s conversation really went nowhere since she was being a big twat (mainly about Sookie). Later on, after a nice nap, Pam wakes Tara and gets her to feed on a living breathing human. Tara attacked fresh blood with serious gusto and her schooling on Vampire Existence 101 has begun.
Bill goes back to his mansion to look for listening devices since that would have to be the only way anyone outside of him, Eric, Pam and Alcide would have known about Russell. he also has a touching father/daughter moment with Jessica moment.

(Almost) Everybody Hates Sookie

We pick up on Sookie spilling her guts to Alcide about her killing Debbi Pelt and lying to him about it which sends our favorite werewolf running off to lick his wounds. Sookie’s moment of truthiness does not sit well with Lafayette who rails into Sookie about how she ruins everyone’s lives around her but Lafayette takes it a bit further when later on he magically tampers with the brakes on Sookie’s car which almost kills her. And everyone in Bon Temps seems to have issues with Sookie having a hand in turning Tara into a vamp as Sookie found out when she tried to work the lunch shift at Merlotte’s and was bombarded with judgmental and condemning thoughts from co-workers and patrons alike.
The only people not being mean to Sookie are Jason and Jessica and a little bit later Alcide. Jason vows to protect Sookie when she confesses to him that she killed Debbie and showing that she is an awesome pal, Jessica compels Sherriff Andy to forget all about the Pelt investigation. Alcide does his part to protect Sookie by telling Debbie’s parents that Marcus killed Debbie after she spurned his advances and then Alcide killed Marcus with his bare hands. Alcide then goes to Sookie’s to fill her in on the new cover story but by then Sookie has had the worst day ever and decided to get completely hammered. Alcide joins in and not long after the two of them are going at it hot and heavy on Sookie’s couch just in time for Bill and Eric to see all the action through the living room window and for Bill to decide that Sookie is going to help them with their Russell problem whether she wants to or not.

La Cage Aux Fairies

Judge Clemmons takes Sherriff Andy and Deputy Jason to an exclusive club as payback for Andy clearing up his son’s brush with the law. Turns out the exclusive club is actually Claude’s fairy sanctuary. It looks like a low budget Circque du Soleil show where fairies are making out with humans in every corner. Andy runs into the fairy that he had relations with in the field last season while Jason bumps into his cousin Hadley who is working as a cocktail waitress in the club. Hadley thinks Jason is there as a refugee and that he must have borough Sookie with him since it is not safe for fairy folk (like Hadley’s telepathic son) to be in a world full of vampires who want to eat them. She also drops a bombshell on Jason that vampires killed his and Sookie’s parents. Jason wants more info but he and Andy are quickly thrown out of the club by a bunch of fairy bouncers.

It’s Shifter Season
Sam is visited by two of his shifter buddies from last season who invite him to come out running with them. Sam seemed a bit hesitant at first and I didn’t blame him because their invitation seemed like it was an invitation to an orgy to me but he quickly decides to go hang out with them later thant night. when he arrives at their house he find the two of dead as doornails with bullet holes in their heads. Who killed the shifters? Was it the werewolf pack? If so why would they kill these two people? Mysterious!!!!

Terry and Patrick find their missing platoon mate (not before a tedious flashback Terry has about a bad night in Iraq); they guy gets the drop on Terry and Patrick and I am bored just typing this so I will stop now.

Vampiric Doings

Roman and Salome continue to try and find out who Nora’s accomplice was but she is all “snitched get stitches” until Roman threatens to off Eric and Bill. Lo and behold her fellow Sanguinista is one of Roman’s own Chancellor’s. So Roman calls them to to a meeting where he whips out that fancy stake he was playing with in episode one. he informs them that their quarters have been searched and he now knows who the traitor is. After endless seconds of aghast looks and Roman posturing he names the little bratty kid vampire as the traitor and in my favorite scene of this episode he scoops that little bastard up by the scruff of his knock and stakes him! I think that little display of gullies was just what Roman needed to get his remaining Chancellors to straighten up and fly right because they all looked scared shitless.

Best Character of the Week: Sookie

A drunk Sookie is a fun Sookie and it would be nice to see a little less of the angst, emotionally overwrought Sookie Stackhouse and a bit more of a Sookie who is content with herself and her actions.

Worst Character of the Week: Tara

Her whining and biting Sookie’s back out to Bill didn’t do anything to make me change my mind about her.

Final Verdict: This episode felt a lot tighter than last week’s. I’m hoping that now that Pam is beginning her training of Tara that the character will become tolerable for me. I am intrigued about the shifter murders and wonder how it will tie into the rest of what’s happening on the show. Still not a fan of the fairies but the developments in this episode were not all that bad. And finally Bill and Eric’s search for Russell will include more than them banging Salome and wearing track suits. B+

2 thoughts on “True Blood Season Five: We’ll Meet Again

  1. Can you believe that the guy who plays Alcide is the same guy that played Flash Thompson in the Tobey Maguire Spider-man movie? This season of TB has been good, but it’s also felt like some what of a transitional period; as if it were leading into more important things.


  2. I went to YouTube to see those scenes from Spider-Man and it is amazing how different he looks. He was nowhere near as jacked as he is now, I hardly recognized him.


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