Trailer of the Day: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


With the emergence of Electro, Spider-Man must confront a foe far more powerful than he. And as his old friend, Harry Osborn, returns, Peter Parker comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp. – IMDb

As someone who didn’t have as big an issue with the first THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movie despite it’s many glaring flaws, I was a bit hesitant about this sequel. Nothing that has been made public about it has done anything to make me excited to see it not the look of Jamie Foxx as Electro (which I discussed already), not the decision to go the multiple bad guy route, not Paul Giamatti being cast as Rhino, not Shailene Woodley being cut out of the film as Mary Jane despite shooting all of her scenes. And I was definitely not all that jazzed when the poster for the film was released and Rhino looked like a Transformer that was tossed on the junk heap of Cybertron or a Green Goblin that looked like David Bowie in DUNE.
So color me surprised when I found myself enjoying what I saw in this trailer. Sure all of my gripes are still there but this trailer makes this movie look like it will be a whole hell of a lot of fun and that is really all I want out of my super-hero movies at the end of the day.
Plus this trailer showed some neat little Easter Eggs like Doc Ock’s tentacles and The Vulture’s wings which sets the stage for an appearance by the Sinister Six in the next couple of films which makes my inner nerd dance about with an overabundance of glee.

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