So Bigfoot Erotica Is An Actual Thing

You read that right, Bigfoot Erotica. As in erotic stories about Bigfoot getting horizontal with lusty lasses. Human lusty lasses too not lady Bigfoots because I guess that would be too weird.


On a weeklong outing in Mt. Hood National Forest, what begins as a flirty, fun-filled trip soon turns into a nightmare, when an ape-like creature kidnaps a group of teen girls with the purpose of procreating with them. Thus begins the erotic adventure of a lifetime, and an inconceivable love story between a young woman and her horny Sasquatch.

Well from that description I say sign me up! Don’t know how that whole thing constitutes a love story though because it sounds sorta like the premise of HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP to me: monsters kidnap and rape unsuspecting women for the purpose of having little monster babies. And nobody fell in love in that one.

The Bigfoot Erotica series is the brainchild of one Virginia Wade, a veteran erotica writer and it is part of the burgeoning “Monster Erotica” genre that for some reason is having a moment. I am not quite sure what it is about women having sexual relations with Bigfoot, dinosaurs (yes dinosaurs), giant slugs, and the tired and true tentacle monsters which have been all the rage in hentai for years, that has become something people crave. I honestly don’t want to know because truthfully any culture that would make the horrendously written fan fiction call 50 Shades of Grey become a massive phenomenon has all sorts of issues with sexuality that need to be worked out on a psychiatrists couch.


Kidnapped by horny, ape-like creatures in Mt. Hood National Forest, Porsche, Shelly, and Leslie find themselves in a lusty situation, as a tribe of Bigfoots use their willing, nubile bodies to satisfy their monster cocks. How can Porsche leave all of this behind and return to civilization? When she’s in the arms of her Sasquatch, warm and snuggly in his matted fur, the only thoughts going through her mind are of utter bliss. But challenges abound for the star-crossed lovers, including Leonard’s head injury, a devastating wildfire, and a sexy forest ranger named Mike. Will these obstacles shatter the growing love between an ape and its mate or will true love triumph?

“When she’s in the arms of her Sasquatch”? Who can read that and not just want to laugh themselves silly? I think a lot of the blame for this can go to the Twilight books where the vapid relationship between a young girl and a vampire was accepted as being true love instead of the dysfunctional union of a creepy 100 year old stalker and an immature, needy child prone to lapsing into Stockholm Syndrome.

Oh well, if this is your thing than just feel free to ignore my ramblings and keep on keeping on because there is plenty of stuff out there to satisfy one’s urges. There is even a series for the homosexual male monster erotica aficionado called SOMEONE TO CUTTLE about a gay shape-shifting cuttlefish complete with a “cuttlefish shifter gangbang”!
This world is indeed a wacky place.

8 thoughts on “So Bigfoot Erotica Is An Actual Thing

  1. The sad part is that I knew about all this before reading your article, Derek. All you have to do is search Amazon for ‘bigfoot’ and you get more than you bargained for.


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