Trailer of the Day: Maleficent


The “Sleeping Beauty” tale is told from the perspective of the villainous Maleficent and looks at the events that hardened her heart and drove her to curse young Princess Aurora. – IMDb

Now this is the trailer I have been waiting for with this movie. The previous two trailers either seemed to be trying to “WICKED” the story of Maleficent a bit too much and make her a sympathetic character or focused a bit too much on Elle Fanning. This one though gives us Maleficent in all of her wonderful villainy and Jolie looks to be having the time of her life just by the look in her eyes and the way she delivers her lines.
And including Lana Del Ray’s haunting cover of the old Disney chestnut “Once Upon A Dream” really helps sell the feel of this movie much more than anything else I have seen so far.

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