Cover Me Monday: Life Round Here

It’s been a while since I did one of these but this seemed like a good time and song to do one since I had been listening to the remix (i guess that is what you’d call it) of “Life Round Here” by James Blake that he released with hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper and planned on posting it as a Shuffling On My iPod entry. But then I heard the cover by Ellie Goulding and Angel Haze.

Cool, huh? I am a fan of the original song by Blake but I also dig the juxtaposition of his very earthy vocals against the staccato rapping of Chance. The collaboration really works for me. So I was eager to hear what Goulding would do with the song when I heard she was doing the cover and she didn’t disappoint.

That ethereal quality to her voice makes this cover better to me than the original and Haze is just a better rapper than Chance…her rap style and phrasing trumps his completely.

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